There used to be a well-known hub of social activity in the workplace.

It was a nexus for trading opinions, sparking debates, and sharing important news.

It wasn’t cordoned off in a special conference room – and it wasn’t passed out from the tray of a photocopier.

It was something that grew organically from natural conversations.

And it was something that eventually became a global symbol of how people at work come together.

I’m talking about the water cooler.

Back in the day, water cooler moments shaped and defined our office cultures.

It’s where we gathered to mock the latest X Factor contestant.

It’s where we just couldn’t believe what happened to Tony Soprano.

It’s where we high-fived to promotions, cheered at big bonuses, toasted a successful project, and planned the next staff party.

The water cooler’s still there today.

It’s still dispensing water.

But it hasn’t heard a lot of secrets lately.


Because companies have got bigger and more complex.

And now the modern water cooler moment happens online.

There’s still a hub of social activity.

There’s still a demand for trading opinions – and we still want an innocent diversion away from our everyday workloads.

It’s just a change of venue.

People don’t need to gather around a water cooler.

They now post their opinions live.

They’re creating their own broadcasts.

And they’re showing us the videos they once had to describe.

We’re still laughing together at the X Factor.

We’re still gasping together at the latest shock finale on Netflix.

And we’re still welcoming new colleagues, congratulating our friends in their best times, and consoling them in their worst.

It’s just that the medium has changed.

These important moments remain.

We’re in the business of enabling them.

Helping global organisations to reinvent their water cooler moments but now in a digital space.

So that’s why we’re called Coolr.

Our brand name is an evolution of the water cooler.

We’re driving bigger conversations with more people in more locations.

Connecting every person in a company – at every level, and at every department.

And enabling dialogue across whole companies: conversations that include CEOs, new recruits – and everyone in between.

It’s made possible with Workplace by Facebook:

The best digital water cooler there is.

We see people trading stories.

Collaborating on projects.

Engaging in culture and sharing ideas.

As a business, we exist to create moments like these.

To bring teams closer, and make them stronger.

So it’s time to forget the office-corner water dispenser from old…

There’s a Coolr way.

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