Time for better collaboration within universities – and Workplace by Facebook Can Do It for Free

I’ve spent the last seven years selling and implementing software products into universities around the world. So you could say I’ve seen my fair share of how educational institutions go about their daily work.

And I’ve also spent a lot of time talking to the people in charge of running these organisations: the chancellors, the professors, the deans, and the admin staff.

And at one time or another, they’ve all told me this:

It’s a struggle to manage internal communications easily and collaborate on projects with colleagues efficiently.

(Or that it’s a long process to get approval from every stakeholder involved.)

Educational institutions are complex: a university is likely spread across different departments, campuses, and even different cities or countries – and now in the virtual space too.

On top of that, they’ve also got several groups of internal stakeholders to please at once: their boards, their governments, their teaching and admin staff.

But just like any other kind of organisation, educational institutions have a constant need to improve their productivity and how they work.

They need to be able to get their people excited about coming together to do their best work, improving their communication and collaboration.

And that means there’s a huge opportunity for universities to start using the same empowering technology that businesses have already put to good use to produce work place digital transformation.

At Coolr, we specialise in helping organisations launch Workplace by Facebook, an enterprise platform that brings people together through its powerful collaboration and communication, like disrupting email usage, sharing live streams and telling their work stories in new ways.

Throughout the many Workplace roll-outs we’ve delivered, we’ve seen how the move to a platform like Workplace can make it easier for organisations in any industry to get things done internally. To truly change the way you work.

And from my experience with educational institutions, I can see massive potential for universities to start seeing the same benefits:

A well-connected workforce, where every person at every station feels involved and in the loop.

A simple and faster way to enable better communication: between members of staff, academics and others through real-time and work group streams.

A single, unified channel for staff to pitch in and help create a positive, inclusive work place culture: sharing valuable information and updates, and helping to create a natural, two-way dialogue with every single person attached to that institution.

With a platform like Workplace by Facebook, universities could go beyond the clunky and inefficient emails and newsletters they’re used to.

Instead, they could bring all of their staff together under one digital roof.

And thanks to the Workplace for Good initiative, educational institutions can get Workplace Premium for free.

So how would this work for the people involved?

Professors and teachers could more easily share their notes, videos, and other educational content.

Administrators in different departments could collaborate on their budgets, projects and work in real time, keeping each other up to date and sharing their best professional practices.

And executive leadership would have a common platform to share their vision and their message, helping to improve their visibility and involvement with all employees.

With Workplace for Good, registered non-profits and educational institutions now have the freedom to make the most of everything that a platform like Workplace can give them – for free.

In fact, a few forward-thinking institutions are already starting to make the leap into a better way of working:

More than three quarters of the staff at the Australian Catholic University say that Workplace has improved their sense of connectedness, helping their different departments to talk to each other and share their knowledge.

More than half of their staff said that the move onto Workplace has created new opportunities for collaboration, and 33% more of their staff are saying that their university’s communication channels make it easy to share updates on their work streams and projects.

From my own time in the education sector, I know how tough it can be for universities to keep everyone connected and create a culture of open and productive communication.

But with Workplace for Good, these organisations now have a massive opportunity to bring business-level collaboration and communication software into their institutions.

So where do we at Coolr come in?

At Coolr, we’ve helped all sorts of organisations to get Workplace up and running and make sure they see results with it – we make Workplace work for you.

So if you work at a university that wants to bring your staff together into a digital community to deliver your best work, send me a message at Robert@wearecoolr.com

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