Take a look around your office.

Look at your colleagues.

I bet they’re all like you.

Sat behind a desk.

Typing away on a computer.

Sending emails.

That may be a problem.

Big organisations have become echo chambers.

Where only the ‘connected’ workforce with computers and email are part of the conversation.

But there’s a huge ‘invisible’ workforce who are hard to reach and hard to engage.

The frontline workers.

The security guards and cleaners.

Shop assistants in retail.

The warehouse and logistics teams.

Chefs, waiters and bar staff in restaurants and pubs.

This workforce is the backbone of most industries.

And their voice in companies is often unheard.

They have become invisible even though they make up a major part of the employee base.

It’s a challenge we are encountering with many clients and the question is the same.

How do we connect everyone?

In today’s rapidly evolving world of work, leveraging the power of your entire workforce is essential.

Who better to tell you what customers think than those serving them every single day?

So, while we may default to picturing our connected colleagues in HQ when visualising a ‘typical’ company, to remain competitive and fully embrace our increasingly diverse workforce we must ask ourselves:

What about all the colleagues you don’t see?

Workplace by Facebook has been making huge strides in solving this problem.

They launched a new feature in Beta called Access Codes.

This feature finally gives frontline staff a Workplace account without the need for an email address.

It’s simple, yet a game-changer.

The Access Codes allows companies to connect their entire workforce around a single conversation.

Over the past few months, the team at Coolr have been fortunate to be part of this Beta programme.

We’ve connected thousands of frontline employees for numerous clients and are seeing amazing things coming from it.

These employees are no longer invisible.

They have a voice.

They have insight.

And they are being heard, often for the first time.

And now for the big news…!

This week, Facebook officially opened up Access Codes as a feature for all users.

So now you can connect all your people – not just those in your offices or with email.

Get in touch if you want to know how.

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