I work with all sorts of different people and departments in my job at Coolr.

And they’re all talking about digital transformation. But what they don’t always realise is this:

Digital transformation doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

It’s not an abstract concept to help you show off in a shareholder’s meeting. It’s about real change that exists in every level of an organisation.

And that means you’re going to need more than just the C-suite on your side.

If you want to see a real digital transformation, these are the three teams you need on your side:

Digital transformation is all about tech – and that means IT

At Coolr, we recently worked with a well-known luxury brand of retail outlets.

They’ve got shopping experiences all over Europe – from London to Paris and Milan.

They needed a better way to connect their people: co-ordinating their local initiatives, sharing their best practices, and encouraging a single company culture across different countries.

So when they came to us for help with their new Workplace launch, one of the first things we did was to start working directly with their IT department.

And since Workplace is a piece of software, we only really need the IT department to make it work, right?


We knew from countless other Workplace roll-outs that we would need more than just the buy-in of their IT department to help our client see success.

Workplace is a piece of software – but it’s much more than that.

It’s a catalyst for digital transformation.

And transforming a company – digital or otherwise – can’t be done with tech alone.

Real change is about people – and that’s HR’s game

Transforming a company isn’t just about powerful apps and innovative software.

Real transformation is about a change in culture – a change in perspective.

And that means companies need to see a change in their people.

Our retail client has teams in different locations across multiple countries.

And just like with every other successful roll-out of Workplace we’ve delivered, we knew that we needed their HR team working side-by-side with their IT department to make it work.

We needed them to do what HR does best: helping people to think and feel differently about their company and how it works, and making sure they’re ready to act and respond to a new way of working.

Not just in terms of overall culture and community, but also in terms of how their employees would use their new platform on a daily basis.

They needed their HR department to draw up and modify some of the nitty-gritty details – things like company policies, terms and conditions, and a few guiding principles to make sure everyone is interacting in the best possible way.

But IT and HR aren’t the end of the story. There’s still one more piece missing before you can really harness the power of three:

If you want your workers on board, you need a voice – and that means Internal Comms

Companies don’t change overnight. It takes time, and it takes the co-operation of every person involved.

That means you need more than just IT and HR. You need Internal Comms to get your people on board.

Our retail client had to reach their teams all over Europe. And they weren’t just prescribing a change to their workers – they wanted to convince them.

To make their Workplace launch successful, we needed the Comms team to answer the basic question that every person is naturally compelled to ask:

‘What’s in it for me?’

Luckily for us, the benefits of Workplace are simple and abundant.

Easy collaboration. Fast communication. Modern, automated processes that save time and effort, and a better sense of belonging, community and culture for everyone in your company – wherever and whoever they are.

We worked with our client’s Comms team to help them come up with new ideas for spreading their message to their people – with things like a Workplace launch video, inclusive introductory groups, and launch-day initiatives to encourage everyone to get involved from the beginning.

We helped them to demonstrate the reasoning and value behind their upcoming launch, with messages that speak directly to the people using Workplace every day – messages that resonate with the workforce and show them exactly how they’ll be better off.

And the result?

Our client ended up with a hugely successful Workplace launch – and their separate locations in different countries are now more connected than ever before.

Is the C-Suite important?


You need their vote. And they’re often the first people you have to convince before you can start to make any digital transformation really happen.

But to change a whole company? That takes some doing.

Yes, Workplace is intuitive: it’s one of the most accessible collaboration platforms around, and it doesn’t take much for any single person to get to grips with it.

But if you want your digital transformation to see long-term success and value, you need to get the right stakeholders engaged from day one.

And that’s exactly how we do things at Coolr.

We’re devoted to taking you through the whole journey of a Workplace launch – and we work closely with all of your most important stakeholders to make sure everyone involved is convinced, committed and ready for your transformation.

Because to deploy a platform like Workplace effectively, you need to harness the power of three:

The tech, the culture – and the voice.

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