So I decided now was a good time to write a blog.

Not now sweetie, daddy is just about to write something.

I felt that I should share some of my experiences of working from home and how to be effective in these unprecedented times.

No.  I just need ten minutes to just concentrate on my work and then I will help.

Over the last two years I have worked with numerous large and small organisations to help them rethink how they connect their people through technology.

Put that down.

I have been working in close partnership with the team at Workplace by Facebook to transform how companies think about Internal Comms.


Building (or maintaining!) a company culture and having everyone in a shared space has become more important than ever.

Deb – PLEASE will you just deal with the kids.  I need to focus for, like, ten minutes.

Employees may be working remotely at home – but they want to feel in the loop more than ever before.

So companies are quickly adapting to new ways of working and rethinking how they operate in the new reality they now face.

But that starts with having the right tools in place.

Can someone let the dog out please.

Right – where was I?

Workplace by Facebook has become a go-to tool for

I SAID PUT THAT DOWN!   Deb please sort them out…

Workplace has

Ok. I’m sorry.  Of course I’ll read you a story.

Erm…. If you need tips on homeworking – ask someone else…

If you need help with Workplace – message me – but I may have to get one of the team to get back to you…

Adam is working from home… and trying his best.


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