Coolr, the first European partner of Workplace by Facebook sets up a partnership with Aware to deliver extended security, compliance, and advanced governance of employee interactions for organisations deploying collaboration solutions.

With tools like Workplace by Facebook enabling a huge amount of powerful communication and crucial information sharing, organisations need a way to proactively manage potential compliance risks so employees can focus on the work at-hand.

“Coolr have always had a unique vision for transforming the way our clients work. When it comes to communicating to a company’s people, we quickly realised the power of Workplace by Facebook and were the very first Workplace partner in EMEA” – Anthony Sheldrake, Chief Technology Officer at Coolr.

Coolr’s approach to communication and collaboration strategies for customers is designed to anticipate challenges and reimagine solutions for a better way of working in the digital age through their partnership with Workplace by Facebook.

Now part of Coolr’s service offering, customers can utilise Aware’s suite of products to remove the ‘red tape’ to adoption by addressing common concerns raised by human resources, infosecurity, legal & compliance teams.

“Our partnership with Coolr is key to our commitment to transforming the way organisations use and gain value from their investments in Workplace by Facebook,” said Aware CEO and Co-founder, Jeff Schumann.

“Our motto is that we help transform businesses inside and out. Our strategic partnership with Aware is the latest evolution of that vision. Now, not only can we help companies realise the value of their investment in Workplace, we can also help to maximise the potential of their people.”

Aware complements traditional governance and compliance technologies by providing human-centric insight to enhance employee engagement and reduce unsafe behaviours on collaboration and messaging tools.

“Aware’s eDiscovery modules enable an organisation’s people to work in Workplace, safe in the knowledge that they are compliant, while the Culture Protection tools allow an organisation to see and leverage the knowledge their people hold. Coupled with Coolr’s expertise, we can connect people like never before – Answers are easier to find and problems are easier to solve”. Concludes Sheldrake.

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About Aware
Aware’s flagship Risk Management suite offers AI-infused governance, compliance and monitoring for enterprise organizations deploying today’s leading collaboration and messaging platforms, including Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams and Yammer. Aware offers organizations the ability to control and protect the unstructured conversational data that lives within collaboration platforms, with solutions for legal holds, data retention, eDiscovery, GDPR compliance and data loss prevention. The platform goes beyond DLP and offers organizations the ability to safeguard its employees and reputation through advanced culture protection. Aware serves as an enterprise collaboration unblocker for a wide variety of organizations such as those with front-line employees or in highly regulated industries, including notable customers such as Oxfam International, AstraZeneca, AIG and more.

About Coolr 
Part tech start-up, part consultancy, part comms agency – Coolr brings an unrivalled knowledge and experience of the Workplace platform across a broad range of sectors. Our team includes people who have worked inside Facebook on Workplace and people who have worked inside scaled organisations that have successfully adopted the platform. We provide an end-to-end service that helps clients on every step of their Workplace journey – from the initial stakeholder alignment to full deployment, technological innovation and beyond.

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